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Be Faithful: Something new

on August 31, 2014

Ok, I’m pretty sure by now you all know that I’m a Christian. I’ve shared here about my faith before. I’ve recently (within the last couple of months) found a way of expressing my creative side at the same time as spending time with God.

Journalling my bible, the concept first came into my radar when I was reading the blog belonging to Shanna Noel, firstly because she was given away free stuff that I wanted to use in my scrapbooking (have I mentioned the scrapbooking before? Save that for another day). 

One days Shanna did a post sharing about how she art journals in her bible, I was so attracted to this concept. God gives everyone gifts, mine are being organised, listening and creativity. I know this because it is what godly people in my life have told me. And I know that I can use my gifts to deepen my relationship with God and draw closer to him. I have also struggled with my quite times with God, I always have that voice that tells me I could be using my time much more wisely. I have mentioned my struggles here. And this concept of journalling your bible really spoke to my creative side, also Shanna’s work is so inspiring in itself. So beautiful. Head over to her blog and check out her beautiful journalling and scrapbooking. But I hesitated taking this any further than admiring what she had done.

Until this last week. I discovered that Shanna had started a facebook page didicated to bible journaling. I decided to join.


I was hit with so many beautiful examples of bible journalling done by some seriously inspiring women & I decided that I was going to jump in.

I have 3 bookmarks in my bible, one sits in the area in which I’m studying for my quite times, another usually sits where my bible study home group is studying (though our study group is not running at the moment, so that book mark is being used like my third) and my third sits in a section that I like to refer back to. But bookmarks fall out and sometimes I can’t remember why I was marking the page in the first place. So here is where I decided to start with my bible journalling.





I have loved playing with a art deco typography book I was given by WH’s Grandmother.

Can’t wait to be able to show you more, as I explore how my journal with God and bible journalling continues.


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