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Illustrating Advent

Head over to my other blog to read about how I’m choosing to delve into the Advent Christmas Season

‘So far it has been 2 days, this being the 2nd December & I have really enjoyed things so far. Basically I do my quite time study as normal for me reading the verse(s) from the advent bible study. Reflecting & writing down my thoughts. I pray, then I pop over to my craft table and think about what really stood out to me in what I read & what God reveled to me in that reading. Then I get creative!’[click for more]

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A Reflection

Oh man has it been hot!!!

Running hasn’t been easy, but I have been getting out at least once a week. But things also haven’t been going so well with my tech either, I guess my running app & heart rate monitor haven’t been liking the heat either. So I haven’t got any stats for how long I’ve run, times or maximum heart rate.

I will say that my posture continues to improve and my stride is far from being the shuffle that I use to have.

I am defiantly in maintenance mode with my fitness level as we enter the¬†Christmas season, I don’t think I will be looking at running in any races till the new year.

I have been doing some thinking about this blog going into the new year (can anyone else believe we are so close to 2015!), I have in the past shared more than just my running journey here. For awhile now it hasn’t felt right to share my crafty stuff, etc though I still love sharing.

So I decided to go back to an old blog Here I Am, here I am going to share my walk with God, journey as a housewife & my crafty girl nature. So head over to Here I Am to see what the part of me that doesn’t run gets up to daily (no guarantee of daily blog post!).

This blog will be about my running journey, where ever it might take me.

I pray that your running journey is going well.

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Run: Fortnighty Update

Man it has been hot around here! Which has really shrunk my available time to actually get out there and run. Trying to go more in the mornings, and if I really can’t run in the morning going very late afternoon into the evening.

Duration: 24:09 mins

Distance: 2.61km

Avg. Speed: 9:15 mins/km

Max HR: 199 bpm

Run score: 102

I think I read my max hr wrong, shouldn’t I have been having so kind of turn to have a heart rate that high? Oh well. That is what you get for reading a small watch screen, on a moving wrist all while running. My bad, Haha!

Duration: 21:46 mins

Distance: 2.60 km

Avg Speed: 8:21 mins/km

Max HR: 186

Run score: 226

I don’t know if it is the heat but things have been alittle bit of a slog, with quite a few stitches that required stopping running and stretching them out. My mind and body have been pretty willing, it is just the heat that really makes me not want to go out there. Running in Autumn/winter is so much easier.

Pray that your running journey is going well

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Run: I Run


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Be Faithful: At It Again

I’m back with some more of my bible journaling from the last few weeks. No idea what I’m talking about? Who would blame you, I can seem little crazy. Haha!!

Check out my other posts about bible journaling here.

I have been really enjoying adding this to my quite time during the mornings, I don’t journal every morning & sometimes I just get the urge in the middle of the day cause GOD has put something on my heart.

Also really enjoying the Illustrated Bible (aka bible journaling) community that I belong to on Facebook. So many very talented women who share their awesomely beautiful and GOD filled artworks. It is a closed group, but if you request to join everyone is welcome.

photo 5

This page is a combination of notes from a sermon and two different quite times. I am experimenting with drawing, I’m not the worlds greatest drawer but I think I’m pretty good at copying. Which is kinda what I did with the tree stump. GOD’s love is the root of my daily strength, I can put one step in front of the other no matter what life throws at me because of the love of GOD.

Still loving playing with typography and this is a great reminder for one of the most important things I have had to come to learn over the last couple of years. Forgiveness.

photo 4

These three statements from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 felt like to me standards or banners for battle, especially the pray continually. I have really been in a battle the last couple of years and it has been through constant prayer that I have been able to have victories.

photo 3

The top image is from a new bible study I have been doing during my morning quite times, on women in the bible. What I have really been enjoying is that the study has been looking at women who I might not have heard of or on different sides of women who I thought I knew. This particular day I was reading about Dorcas, who used her skills in sewing to make clothes for the widows and orphans of Joppa. She was a great example of meaningful service through humble actions. Check out Dorcas story in Acts 9:36-42.

The bottom image with the banner is from a Sermon on 7 reasons not to go to church, which turns out to be 7 reasons to go to church. Our Pastor used Martha & Mary’s story to highlight the world’s view of being too busy to attend church, where as we need time out of the world to spend time with GOD.

photo 2

I have been working on this page for months, it is something that I continuously add to. In fact since taking this photo I have added a couple of extra images. The Proverbs 31 women is someone I admire, she is spoken so highly of in this passage and is really the type of wife & women I want to be and reflect to others. So I like to read Proverbs 31 often & usually when I do GOD leads me to add some more to my journaling.

photo 1

This morning! I was reading about Mary & Martha in the book of Luke, when I saw a note I had made about another passage. It really struck me. When anyone asks me ‘What does it mean to be a Christian?’ this passage from Luke 10:27 is what I say. I also decided to focus on using typography and some free prinatbles. Really love the different types of fonts and the labels.

Hope that your personal journey with GOD is going well & your sharing in His glory and awesomeness daily.

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Home: Adding something

I cannot for the life of me remember if I shared about the lourved doors I bought last year………..oh well. Guess can’t hurt to share their story again.


We live in a rental, no home owners here!

Don’t get me wrong, I love our current home. It is a townhouse with a paved courtyard (no grass!) and two small gardens. Love how manageable I find this whole place.

But then there is the wall situation, which is nothing new. Just annoying.

No hanging or attaching anything to the walls. Bugger.

There are a couple of existing hooks as well as holes were hooks use to be that I could just put hooks in again. But those hooks don’t allow a lot of options, especially since I would like to have some of our photos up. After living here for a couple of months I had an idea, then I did a quick search on Gumtree and BAM! I had two lourved doors in our garage for $20.

Sat in our garage for a few weeks, while I planned. I'm a planner :-)

Sat in our garage for a few weeks, while I planned. I’m a planner ūüôā

With the addition of some new hinges I place the doors in a corner of our lounge room (conveniently hiding the mass of cords for the TV, stereo and lounge light) and started planning out the placement of some frame photos that I had up in our last home. Smiled sweetly at WH (wonderful husband) and he drilled some holes and inserted some picture hanging hooks for me.

Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

And I liked it, I still like it. The only problem I am having is light.

Or lack of it in the lower part of our house. We’re in a townhouse, meaning there are only windows on the end of our house none on the sides cause that is where our neighbours houses are. While we have lovely large windows and a glass sliding door in our lounge there just isn’t any light that comes trough them when the sun passes over the house by mid morning. So things were looking pretty dark & the dark louvers and mostly dark frames weren’t helping.

Solution is obvious, paint the louvers and/or the frames. And that is my plan. Once I have saved enough money to buy paint and made a colour choice, leaning towards the wall colour. But I really want to have a go at brightening things up in a temporary way. So I had an idea, one that would also give me some flexibility to change out some photos when I felt the urge to.

I have this book of canvas, well, I have 2. I got them a couple of Christmas’ in a row from a family lucky dip thing. So I ripped out 4 pieces and got out my acrylic paints, chose 4 colours and painted the canvas.

I cut the canvas where necessary and attached to the louvered doors with tacs.


I printed some photos and attached them to the canvases using double-sided tape. Making sure the tape ran along all the corners of the photos, to prevent them from curling.


I kinda like the way it came out, a little extra colour and I can switch photos out when I feel like it. I also printed out some free printables that I liked from my printable board on Pinterest.


All in all I’m happy with the outcome, not a lot of effort or time involved. I did leave the canvas to dry for 24hrs, just to make sure the paint was totally dry. And there will probably be a little damage to the canvases over time as I change the photos but I can easily paint more canvas if needed.


The review I have been promising on my new running app is up! Check it out here. Also check out the recap from the last running festival me & WH (wonderful husband) participated in here.

Pray that your running journey is going well & that you are enjoying your home as much as I do mine.

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Run: Weekly Update & Review

I promised and here it is my review of the new running app that I have been using.

Also my weekly update. It’s pretty short so I added the review it to bulk things up a bit.

This week has been a week of changes for me personally, I got a second job! My first job is currently going through renovations, so isn’t operating at the moment. Which means that I haven’t been going to work or bring in any money. It has been driving me crazy. So this week I have been able to pick up some evening work a couple of days a week, that will keep my occupied and bring in a little money till my other job gets up and running again. And when it does I’ll have extra income as well.

But I was able to get a quick run in at the beginning of the week before new job craziness too over.

Distance: 1.56km

Duration: 13:37

Avg. Speed: 5:52 min/km

Max. Heart Rate: 155 b/m

Run Score: 94

I have no idea what the run score is for, little reading up is needed. But overall I am happy with my short little run. I have no races on the horizon, so I don’t see the need for pushing myself at the moment. Especially with my new job and having to develop a new schedule for myself to work around my new commitments.

The new app I’m using is MiCoach (downloaded for free from the Google play store), but there is also a website. This is a Adidas app. I decided to stop using my last app Sportstracker because it had started to play up, it wasn’t tracking my distances very well for one. I have a 2.5km track that I like to run, I know it is 2.5km, but sportstracker starting telling me it was only 2km or 1.5km. Which when I’m amping up my training to run 5km is a little annoying.

WH suggested I try MiCoach, I had told him the issues I was having and he did so research for me. Love him for that. I looked at the app in the Play store and I liked the look of it and liked that it would play music from the Play app through the program (I’ll go into what that means a little later).

Once I downloaded it and set up an account for myself and had a look through the accompanying website. I have found that setting things up like training programs and goals is easiest through the website over using the app. You have more control over exactly what you want to achieve. I really like the option of being able to get up weekly goals (great as I’m setting up a new schedule with my new job), and use training plans to help with time goals. As of yet I’m not using a training plan, just set myself the weekly goal of running a couple of days a week.

Clean & clear opening screen with info on my last run

Clean & clear opening screen with info on my last run

There is certain information that I like to be able to see about my runs, distance, duration, average speed & maximum heart rate. All the information I share during my weekly updates & I get all that info.

All the info I need

All the info I need

I can also look over my route which is nice. I do put my maximum heart rate in the notes section because I don’t use a heart rate monitor that links to this app (there is a range that do, mostly Adidas brand ones).

The little flame icon is my run score. I have no idea exactly what that means. Might have to search around the website for that info, once I figure it out I’ll let you know.

The app keeps a clear easy to read run history as well.

Easy to find history

Easy to find history

The feature I like the most and was one of the things that drew me to this app was the integration with Play music (Google’s music app), I can play my running playlist through the app and when the app speaks it quietens the music so I can hear the voice then brings it back to the volume I had it at before. Nice.

Now what I don’t like. GPS is a little difficult, the app takes ages to find a GPS signal and has lost it again shortly after. Most annoyingly this happened during the Twilight Bay Run, it never found the signal for the whole race and I had no idea how far I had run or the speed it which I had run each 1km stage.

And the lack of flexibility in the training plans when your using them from the app. I was hoping to use the 5km training plan to continue to improve my time, but via the app I was going to be running 5kms for 3-4days a week. No thank you, not what I had in mind. There are more option via the website.

Hope that review was helpful, so far I’m liking the app (except for the whole GPS thing) but if I change again I’ll let you know.

Pray that your running journey is going well.

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Run: Weekly Update

It’s weekly update time!

This is going to be a huge update! Nope kidding. Really kinda small.

Since I ran a 5km (click here for the recap) last weekend I took this week of training. Except one day, but I’ll get to that. Taking a week off (unless there is another race to train for) is our normal habit, mine slightly more than WH (wonderful husband), sometimes he can have races a week apart. Not usually me.

But I did actually run this week, on Monday. I have mentioned quite a few times now that I am using a new running app (review soon!) and it has a couching part to it. I am hoping to use that section to help motivate me to continue to lower my time. But I first had to do a fitness test. That is what I did on Monday. Won’t go into too much about how it went as it was a little bit of a failure and I am going to have to do it again, possible tomorrow. Start of running again!

Basically I just ran at different intensities for 12mins.

Not fun.

So there is my weekly update.

Pray that your running journey is going well.

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Run: Race Recap Twilight Bay Run 2014

It is safe to say that I surprised myself big time.

The Twilight Bay Run is WH’s (wonderful husband) favourite event of the year. It is gnerally a flat course and he has been able to get some really awesome times doing it. It is the sister event to the Twilight Run that I ran in March this year (click here for the recap of that race), it is run along Morton Bay and it is really a lovely place to run.

My lead up was not ideal (check out my last couple of weekly updates here & here for how my lead up went), but I set myself an achievable goal of just finishing & challenged myself to actually run the whole distance & not walk. I was again running the 5km while WH was doing the 10km.

Me & WH ready to go

Me & WH ready to go

My race started at 4pm & WH’s at 5pm. I got off pretty much on time and did find myself at the lead part of the pack as we crossed the starting line.

The first 1km was nothing new really, feeling alittle tight and struggling (mentally) with all the people passing me, but I kept my pace low as in a couple of my runs in the last few weeks I have been going out too strong at the start and totally wearing myself out (and havng to walk!). My new running app (review to come!) lost gps signal a couple of metres after starting and didn’t pick it up again for the whole race, which was annoying as I was hoping to adjust my pace at each stage of the 5kms.

Once my legs really warmed up I felt really good running and really zoned in on my music playing in my ears and just keeping on running.

My mouth totally dried up as it did in the last race I did so was thankful to get to the first drinks station, which I think must have been at the 2km mark. Though without my running app I wasn’t sure.

I ran along the bay for pretty much the whole 5km & enjoyed a tail wind for most of it. This proved to not be so good after the turn around somewhere after the 3km mark (there was a sign!) as the tail winded turned into a head wind! I kinda had to stoop my head a little to stop the wind (which was pretty strong) from taking my hat off, WH actually turned his hat around during his race! After the turn around I started watching my time on my HR watch, hoping that I would make it back before WH’s race started at 5pm.


Once I got to the shoot for the finishing line I gave it a final push really stretching out my stride. WH was watching from the sidelines (he took the picture above) and said that I was flying along. No idea where the energy for that came from.


I finished with a new PB! My official time was

result suzie

Which is approx 3mins of my previous time, happy dance people! Happy dance!

WH had a worse lead up than what I did he had two weeks of serious illness that really knocked his body around. Physically he was fine to race, but his body wasn’t up to its usual fitness level. Stomach bugs will do that to you.

WH finished in

result alan

He has done faster on this course, but it is still a great time.

So there is our Twilight Bay Run 2014 recap, check out all the other race recaps here. Not sure what our next race will be, WH is keen to try out some a Park Run as there is one held in our area. I’ll keep you posted.

Watch out for my review of the new running app I have been using the last week or so and that I used in this race, should be up soon.

Pray that your running journey is going well.


Be Faithful : Journaling

I’m back to share some more of my journaling bible journey. I must say that I really enjoy the extra time I have spent some mornings, journaling about something I have read during morning bible study time with GOD or something from sermon on Sundays.

I have also found myself drawn to journaling in my bible when I have a moment at home when I have nothing to do and I feel little lost, totally refreshing to sit down with GOD and tap into the creativity that He has given me.

One God

I am still going with my personal bible study on my identity in Christ, this particular morning I was reading about having no other gods beside the one true GOD & I was reading in JJeremiah& Exodus.

Grace strong tower we are one

This is over a couple of days, starting in the top left ‘we are one’ was the theme that morning. In Christ I am also in Oneness with other Christians. There are no barriers between believers, doesn’t matter if you are Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female (Galatians 3:23-29).

The image of the tower I found via pinterest and it struck a cord with one of my favourite Newsboys songs Strong Tower (click here), so I copied it into Proverbs

The name of the Lord is a fortified tower;
    the righteous run to it and are safe (Proverbs 18:10)

The Grace & Love image is inspired from another doodle image I found on pinterest, the image had love again where I choose to put the word Grace. This particular morning was a great reminder that GOD has poured down His love & grace on me through His Son Jesus not so I can achieve my goals in life (selfishness) but so that I can have a relationship with Him and ultimately have eternity in Heaven.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of GOD – not by works, so that no one can boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9)


And lastly left is again thoughts from my personal bible study, our family lately has been having a lot of ups and downs and is preparing for more to come (when it rains it pours) and this particular day was all about how GOD brings us comfort and strength during times of hardship so that we might use our own experiences to bring that same comfort to others going through a similar experience.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

And finally a sermon from the last month about hope. There is one thing I have learnt about the english language, there isn’t enough words. Other languages have multiple words that each have a different aspect or emotion attached to it. Hope is one of those words, in English we just have the word hope & it is something we say when we don’t think something will happen. But in Greek & Hebrew there are four words, these words indicate that hope is a something with power but must also come with patience.

I am really enjoying adding this journaling aspect to my worship with GOD, keep an eye on my instagram feed (on the right of the blog) for more of my journaling, check out my pinteriest page or head over to the facebook group I’m apart of and check out others beautiful journaling.

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